Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Senate Chairman Pledges Further Reviews of Private Option

Senator Bryan B. King of Green Forest, the chairman of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee’s Medicaid Subcommittee, said Friday that he intended to look more deeply into the problem of potentially thousands of ineligible recipients receiving Medicaid benefits.

“Quite a few of my colleagues have urged me to renew my inquiries, so there is definitely legislative support for a more thorough review of Medicaid’s verification process,” King said.

“When you consider the tremendous cost to taxpayers of a typical Medicaid service, it’s imperative that we determine the extent of payments made for invalid claims submitted for ineligible recipients,” King said.

King’s discussions with other legislators were prompted by this week’s release of the findings of the Stephen Group. The consulting firm has a contract with the Health Reform Legislative Task Force that is working on recommendations to bring to the full legislature for an overhaul of the Medicaid system.

The Stephen Group’s final report revealed that more than 42,000 people on Arkansas Medicaid rolls actually have addresses out of state. More than 6,700 have no record of living in Arkansas. Their study revealed that 367 Medicaid recipients were dead, and 261 had been dead for more than two years. Also, 128 enrollees in the private option were dead before being authorized, and of those 82 had been dead for more than two years. (page 183 of the report).

King said that his concerns were twofold. First, the cost to taxpayers is likely in the millions of dollars. Secondly, he wants to know whether employees at the Department of Human Services (DHS) were entirely forthcoming with auditors two years ago. As a former Senate chairman of the Joint Auditing Committee he was instrumental in ordering an audit of Medicaid expansion. Auditors asked DHS officials about the methods they used to determine eligibility and medical need.

The committee ordered its audit in November, 2013, and auditors released their findings on January 29 and 30, 2014.

“The Audit Committee likely would have taken stronger actions last year, and saved taxpayers millions of dollars, if legislative auditors had known that thousands of recipients were deemed eligible, although they had out-of-state addresses or had been deceased for months,” King said.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Religious Right is Lost, Because They Quit Being the Christian Right

Check out the details on the Localist Blog.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Medicaid Fraud in Arkansas

Birds did not evolve from Dinosaurs

Here I go with another non-Arkansas specific story. It is just so hard for me, as a former science guy, to see this hidden revolution in the data go unmentioned by the media. While pop culture keeps pushing the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs, the evidence continues to pile up that birds were around so long ago that one wonders if the reverse is more probable- certain types of dinosaurs "evolved" from birds. That is, if either derived from the other at all. 

I used parenthesis around "evolved" because from birds to some dinos who look like birds which have lost powers of flight represents a loss of function. While losing function and complexity may be considered "evolution" on some level, a better word for that might be "devolution" because you can't get from molecules to man by losing complexity. There are a lot of folks who see loss of complexity and just assume it also goes the other way. I am not convinced.

Anyway, here is an article where they are surprised to find that the soft tissue and muscle attachments of a 125 million year old bird look like those of modern birds. The skeletal features were not quite like those of modern birds- most modern birds have lost their teeth for example, but these were definitely birds. That was smack-dab in the middle of the age of dinosaurs- and it wasn't the earliest critter that looks very "birdy". It is really difficult to say at this point if the feather-covered bird looking but ground dwelling dinosaurs came first or if what are essentially birds came first with the ground-dwelling versions coming later, or even both at the same time.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Just Another Ridiculous Bias in Evolution Research Article (on plants this time)

So scientists who were studying just how plants could make the incredible evolutionary leap from ocean to land found a big surprise. It turns out that ancient alga already possessed the suite of genes necessary for them to adapt to land and a co-dependent relationship with fungi.

"However, scientists were not clear how the algal ancestor of land plants could have survived long enough to mediate a quid pro quo arrangement with a fungi. This new finding points to the alga developing this crucial capability while still living in the earth's oceans!"

So what did they have to do to adapt to this new environment? Well, nothing genetically. The genes they needed to make the leap were already present. Here is a quote from lead researcher Dr. Delaux:

"Our discovery shows for the first time that the alga already knew how to survive on land while it was still in the water. Without the development of this pre-adapted capability in alga, the earth could be a very different place today."

Ok, so what evidence did they present that this "pre-adapted capability" actually "developed" via evolution instead of being created by an Intelligent Designer? Well, none is presented, and none need be presented, because macro-evolution is true because macro-evolution is true. No other options need be considered by government-funded naturalism posing as science. Even when, especially when, the evidence they do find is far more supportive of the Intelligent Design Theory than a Macro-evolutionary hypothesis. They can never question the paradigm. It is getting to the point where science's capture by the philosophy of naturalism is really starting to hold back discovery and progress.

The whole idea of "pre-adapted capability" in animals who have no use for it is anti-evolutionary. Capability is supposed to grow in fits and starts only in response to the environment. It isn't supposed to just show up in case it is needed for something later.

I cannot keep up with all of the articles coming out about research whose results are perfectly in line with what one would expect if Intelligent Design were true and the opposite of what one would find if Macro-Evolution were true. The case for Macro-evolution seems to grow more difficult each and every week that passes- it is too bad post-modern "science" is not permitted to re-examine the strength of that case.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Obama Uses Deception To Exploit Tragedy

So the Resident thinks the way to prevent another tragedy like the one that just occurred in a place where the public was banned from having guns is to turn the whole country into a place where the public is banned from having guns.

Meanwhile, government gets to keep theirs, after which they can treat us any way they wish without consequences. I believe the latter must be the real point. The logic of the stated reason for banning guns makes no sense whatsoever. What I suspect is the real reason for banning guns makes perfect sense from the perspective of a parasitical class of ruling elites who are nervous about how an armed America will react once we discover how thoroughly we have been looted.

Christian were singled out by the shooter in this most recent tragedy. If it had been a "Christian" targeting non-believers I assure you that this angle of the story would have been played up. The template would have been that we have to do something about all of these Christian haters. Since it was a secular person hating Christians, the media never even mentions that its hate. The phrase "hate crime" is not used when Christians are the target, only when groups favored by the establishment are the target. When Christians are the target the issue for the media is not the need to deescalate the rising anger against them, but rather they use the occasion to call for a government monopoly on the tool of force used by the perpetrator.

When someone attacks a government official, even if they are not politically motivated but just an insane person under the influence of powerful psychotropic drugs, the media broadcasts the message that we should "tone down the rhetoric" . See the problem in that situation is there is just too much free speech. For government, and its media, the problem always seems to be that us peasants have too much freedom. Freedom to criticize them, freedom to bear arms capable of protecting ourselves from them, and so on. And their media- because the global corporations who own the mass-media in America are owned by the same folks who own the politicians, supports this narrative relentlessly.

While we are on that subject, did I just miss it or did Big Media refuse to even tell people that the Pope met with Kim Davis until the Pope released a statement saying his visit was not an unqualified show of support for Davis, and that he also met with an openly homosexual former student and his "partner"? Once the story was not "Pope supports Davis" the media went into overdrive pushing THOSE stories. It is weird. They would not put out the original story out but they put the refutations of the original story out.

The bottom line is that the big corporate media is a cultural pathogen. It is a catalyst to make our culture sick with their unwillingness to tell the truth. And they are in league with the politicians that they propped up.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Muslims and the Media

Our candidate selection system, dominated by two terminally corrupt D.C. political parties that have looted the country and destroyed our children's future, is broken. We need a new one and that is why I am with Neighbors of Arkansas. I am not writing this article because I am backing Ben Carson for President, although I consider every non-establishment candidate better than any establishment candidate. I am writing it because the coverage on it is a perfect example of our anti-truth media and how they refuse to get stories right.

Dr. Carson said that he would not advocate that we put a Muslim in the White House. He hinted, but did not say, that it was because of the Muslim practice of subverting other viewpoints and practices, guaranteed in our Constitution, in nations where Muslims are in charge. Outrage followed, which is to be expected, but the basis for the outrage was false. The charges laid against Carson were false. It is a perfect example (the Kim Davis story is another) of why we can't get the right answers while we listen to the establishment media. They butcher the issues so badly that we can't even discuss the right questions with one another. If we don't ask the right questions, the odds are very slim that we will get the right answers.

But before I get to that, a few words about "Muslims". All Muslims are not the same, just as all who claim the name "Christian" are not the same. Most of the people that ISIS is killing for example, are other Muslims. The fear of "Muslims" by some of my friends in the U.S. is so overblown as to be ridiculous. Most of our problems with Muslims are rooted in FEDGOV's misguided attempts to interfere with Muslim cultures and attempt to re-shape them at the point of a bayonet. A lot of my friends are rightfully angry with the way that FEDGOV is running our country right now. Well, just think of how mad you would be if you lived in another country and that same FEDGOV started doing even worse over there. FEDGOV mismanages other nations under the empire's thumb even worse than it does this one! Conservatives and Middle East Muslims are actually mad at some of the same people, and often for not dis-similar reasons.

ISIS was trained and funded by our Muslim "allies" (and by our government too) to beat up on other Muslims. It consists of 20K to 30K ignorant Korandethals who have converted their neighbors into enemies. They are no threat to a nation of 320 million citizens. Pictures of long convoys of vehicles moving across the few roads through vast stretches of open desert don't intimidate me in the least. It only confirms my view that with our total control of the air and armed drones, we could crush them anytime they quit being a useful tool of our misguided State Department's philosophy of jumping in the middle of Islamic civil wars. The real threat to our freedom is FEDGOV in Washington D.C., and the Republican and Democratic establishment which manage the place.

Should we take refugees who are fleeing from the implementation of our State Department's insane policies? Sure, at least the Christian ones or those willing to convert. What about the Muslims who wish to enter our nation? Why would the Muslim ones even want to come to our terrible non-Muslim nation? Why aren't they thronging to get into the many Muslim-run nations in the region?

Name for me one nation ruled by an avowed Muslim that is a good place to live. Can't do it? Me neither. It seems that not even Muslims want to live in nations controlled by other Muslims. And that brings me back to Carson.  Carson did not say that we should ban, by law, Muslims from holding public office. That is what political rivals and the media are making it sound like, but he did not say that. He just said he thought it was not a good idea. It would not be his preference.

I agree. Again, I can't name a single country run by a Muslim that I would consider a well-run country. Islam and political freedom are incompatible.  That does not mean we should ban it- that would be a violation of our constitutions clause against religious tests for office. But nowhere does the constitution ban us personally from having a religious test for office. The government should not have such bans as written law, but the voters can have them written into their common sense. The media, including Voice of the Establishment in Arkansas (Democrat-Gazette) keep trotting out the Constitution's "no religious test" provision as if Carson does not understand or respect the Constitution. That is rather a case of the establishment media disrespecting the truth - that clause has no bearing on what Carson was saying.

What is scary is that so much media is unable or unwilling to separate those two ideas. They cannot separate a government ban from a personal decision. There is no action that is not state action to them- everything is political. That is similar to the Kim Davis situation where they cannot seem to understand that Davis is not stopping anyone from "getting married", she is only (IOW Kentucky law) refusing to grant state recognition to those relationships as marriage. Again, there is no discernment between state action and the thing itself. This is a collectivist thought pattern that is poisoning our ability to have discussion on any issue which has a differentiation of public from private action.

Bald Knob Police Chief Resigns

Bald Knob police chief Erek Balentine, the center of controversy since he aggressively pursued citizens who exercised the open carry of firearms, has resigned. His letter of resignation had a very pleasant manner about it, in sharp contrast to his performance while actually on the job. Reports are that he cited safety concerns for his family after his personal truck was burned in an apparent arson. He gave no indication that there were any specific threats against him or his family. The action against Balentine's truck gives him something of a face-saving way to leave the hot seat.

Hopefully, the state police will take over the arson investigation. Both Balentine and the presumed arsonist operated outside the law. Criminals are bad enough when they don't have a badge.

Friday, September 18, 2015

First With Four Legs Underneath Does Not Fit Evolution Expectations

The discovery of Bunostegos akokanensis has generated a surprise finding- the "pre-dinosaur" walked with four legs underneath its torso, like dinosaurs and modern mammals. Reptiles, amphibians, and the various animals of the Permian period before this creature all  have their legs splayed to the side of their torso. That was considered to be the "ancestral state" for leg anatomy. Since this cow-sized animals is estimated to have lived at least 260 million years ago, evolutionary scientists were surprised to see that this animal possessed a leg and hip configuration in an "advanced" state. 

I once complained to an evolutionist that his theory was impossible to falsify, since it concerns events of the distant past and whenever new evidence comes along they merely change stories about the way it happened, and never question the premise that it happened via evolution and not Intelligent Design. I asked them what sort of evidence would disprove the macro-evolutionary hypothesis. They replied that finding a mouse in a layer of rock from before there were supposed to be mice would do it. 

I doubt that is true. We may not have found a mouse fossil in pre-Triassic rock layers, but we have found a cow-sized animal with the advanced limb positioning of a mouse or a cow, which should not be there so early. Even though we have found this, and even though the Intelligent Design explanation better fits this evidence (since there would be no prohibition on "advanced" features showing up in "primitive" forms) I predict that they will still maintain "evolution did it." And this is not the only case of features scientists considered "advanced" showing up too early in the fossil record. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bald Knob Police Chief Loses Truck to Arson

When government officials don't follow the rule of law, they lose legitimacy. The Bald Knob Police Chief is infamous for ignoring the plain text of Act 746 which makes open carry of guns legal so long as they are not intended to be used for an illegal purpose. In that sense the act only affirms what the Constitution of this state says about the matter. But the Chief  has taken to arresting people for "Open Carry" anyway, and he has a local Prosecutor and Judge that are so far backing him up.

I think the answer is elections- vote out the Prosecutor and Judge. Get a new Mayor who will hire a new Chief. Unfortunately the frustration that occurs when government officials flout the rule of law has boiled over in this case to arson. The Chief's personal vehicle was burned up and someone painted "2nd Amendment" on the side.  I personally think the 2nd applies to FEDGOV and the Arkansas Constitution is what should reign in the states, but regardless the law is very clear but local officials in Bald Knob are operating outside the law. Now people who are angry about that are operating outside the law.

This is a very dangerous situation precipitated by government officials disregarding the Rule of Law. I call for both sides in this situation to de-escalate and begin operating inside the law.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Conversation America Needs to Have (and isn't) on the Kim Davis Story

I waited a long time before giving my take on this one. As I suspected, the noise and fog was so thick that we never even got around to talking about the most important aspect of this whole matter.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Question for Evolutionists on Reptile Teeth

Heterodontosaurids were small dinosaurs who lived from the late Triassic to the early Cretaceous, a period said to have lasted more than 100 million years. And they lived over a vast area of the earth, basically everywhere but Australia and Antarctica. They were members of a sub-order which contains some of the most common and best-known dinosaurs.

Given all of that, it is quite amazing that among all dinosaurs, and indeed reptiles, living and dead, only- this tiny group ever developed multiple types of teeth. They had three kinds of teeth to be exact, like humans and many other mammals. The earlier Dimetrodon had two kinds of teeth (hence the name), but was not a dinosaur, nor really a true reptile as were the archosaurs.  All reptiles, including dinosaurs, only have one kind of teeth in their mouths.

If macro- evolution is true, I wonder why the extremely useful trait of multiple teeth forms shows up only in this one obscure (yet widespread and long lasting) group? If all dinosaurs sprang from a common ancestor, and if some dinosaurs later became birds, why didn't some other groups develop this useful trait? Indeed why didn't multiple other reptiles? It makes no sense that evolution can produce such vast changes in form as we have seen in the fossil record, and as we can see today amongst the array of different reptiles on our planet, and yet the highly useful adaptation of multiple tooth forms came about once and only once. 

It seems like if reptiles can go from Turtles to T-Rex's to Chameleons to Snakes to Croc's to Cassowary's and tens of thousands of forms in between, then some of those creatures, besides that one obscure group, might have picked up the gigantic advantage of multiple tooth forms along the way.